Cptn4site is a software for MRI and CT visualization in clinical and research settings that relies on a new patent-pending method of rendering called fishnet rendering. Fishnet rendering is a patent pending method of displaying voxel-based multi-dimensional images (such as CT and MRI radiological scans) in a mixed reality environment. In the above example, an MRI of a human brain is shown. Click on the photo link and view on a smartphone with a VR stereoscopic viewer. Multiple voxel based images can be superimposed upon one another to visualize multiple image volumes in the same mixed reality space using the patent-pending method of crosshatched fishnets rendering. This method can be combined with other more standard methods such as surface rendering and slices.

Patent pending. Represented by Fountainhead Law Group.


We are currently working on a write-up of this patent-pending method of rendering. Please check again in the near future.

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